Stop the Whining!

For all that is holy…stop. YOU, youthful, healthy, finding-your-identity, haven’t-paid-taxes, needs-mama-to-balance-her-bank-account twenty-something…just stop. 

And you, hardened “feminist” who thinks you understand the psychology of all the variations in sexual relations, you stop, too. 

You are tedious and you are wearing us out. And you know what that means? Huh? You’ve lost your audience. 

The newest buzzword in the “it’s all about me and my feelings,” butt hurt, #allfeelingsmatter generation is cultural appropriation. Now, I’m not discounting that there are people who have, historically, appropriated wholesale the culture they conquered in order to peacefully assimilate that culture (just do a little research on pagan Christmas and Easter traditions). However, if one finds offense in the act of enjoying food and then celebrating the culture in which it originated, then one is a little focused on the negative. 

Those who cry “you are hurting my feelings” and “you can’t have my [insert thing du jour]” and “men must change to suit my needs” are basically broadcasting an inherent weakness. 

The latest is Rachel Kuo who claims that “Asian Fusion” and the like is an affront and appropriation of her cultural roots. Who, among sane persons (and she specifically targets white Americans,obviously forgetting that Marco Polo was Italian), actually believes that creating Asian inspired meals instantly makes them identify as Asian. 

So, I want to know why an entire generation of people doesn’t understand that enjoying other cultures, imitating them and perhaps incorporating their best ideas into your own isn’t the ULTIMATE in acceptance. After all, isn’t “imitation the highest form of flattery?”

Finally, to you young’uns who think that you are the center of the universe, put on your big girl panties, pull up those American jeans you’ve appropriated and stop contracting the world into your emotional black hole of sensitivity. It is a big amazing world, and you’re so busy finding fault that you are missing it while you’re busy nitpicking. If you don’t my believe me, google “total perspective vortex.” It should set things right for you.


“Fifty and Figured it Out”


  1. Excellent post and I totally agree! This ridiculousness about being “offended” by every little thing would all be quite funny to watch except I really fear for our society as these folks graduate and enter the real world. They will some day be in positions of leadership and power and God help us all when that happens. We need to really push back hard against this stuff so good for you!

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